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   You chose a well lit tunnel and move eagerly down the rocky path. You feel as if the temperature may be rising slightly but whether or not this is because you're walking at quite a quick pace or for some other reason you cannot tell. The tunnel is actually rather short and you suddenly find yourself in a roomy cavern with a ceiling that opens up to reveal a night sky.
     Looking up you feel a small jolt as you realize that none of the constellations are familiar and the sight of three differently colored moons is a surreal sight indeed. So immersed are you in the otherworldly image of the night sky that the cavern's inhabitant has ample time to size you up, deem you harmless, and approach. Your musings are interrupted by the feeling of warm breath on the back of your neck.
     Whirling around, you find yourself confronted with a long scaly snout and two large glittering eyes. Needless to say, you find the initial experience quite overwhelming and jump back with a sharp exhale of breath.

    The dragon tilts its head at you, eyes glinting, and you have the feeling that if dragons can laugh, this one is doing its very best not to. Mirth dances across its face and its purple and green mottled hide seems to vibrate slightly as if containing spasms of laughter. You regain your composure as best you can and head for a new tunnel at the back of the cavern. The dragon trails after you for a while and then halts and watches silently as you move on.

Species: Firebelly Dragon
Name: Jamaleina'Fela (Imagined Jewel)
ID: 4
Gender: Female
The Silver Unicorn

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